Trash Compactor Services

Wilkerson offers a complete line of self-contained and stationary trash compactors for both dry and wet applications. We are happy to provide a complete on-site survey to recommend the most effective and most efficient compactor for your application.

Heavy commercial or Industrial compactor applications are available in many sizes including pre-crusher units designed for non-compactable items and for high demand production applications.


1. Stationary Compactors are the most common type used in industrial and large commercial applications.  In this type the compactor remains “stationary” (bolted to the ground), and the Receiver Containers (packer box) is detached from it, winched up onto the “Roll-Off Truck”, and hauled away to the local landfill, and emptied. It is then, brought back to the compactor and re-attached.  Using this method, the maximum amount of trash can be hauled away for each trip. 

2. Self-contained / Portable Compactors are designed to collect any excess liquid, to service hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, or any place that may have liquid garbage in their waste. Our portable compactors are manufactured with a unitized body construction where the compactor head is welded to the receiver containers, both of which are welded to a common platform base, which is designed to hold liquid. In addition, it is easier to minimize and control odors and insects that may emanate from the compacted waste. For dumping, disconnect the power unit and remove the container, thus allowing the entire portable compactor to be hauled and then dumped. This allows the waste area to remain clean and sanitary. Each compactor can be customized with a variety of loading arrangements suited to fit your hauling needs.