Who We Are

Wilkerson Transportation was founded in the 80’s by Wendell Wilkerson and is a private and veteran owned company located in Cameron and Lake Charles Louisiana with over 40 years of experience providing transportation, trash collection and disposal, demolition, and scrap iron recycling services. Wilkerson Transportation provides open-top roll off containers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Wilkerson provides demolition and metal recycling for industry and off-shore projects. 

Wendell Wilkerson – Founder

Our Mission

Wilkerson provides the most efficient services available in Southwest Louisiana with people you can trust, a service you can depend on at the same time offering cost effective service.

Community involvement

Wilkerson is a part of the community with a number of in-kind contributions for many benefits thru-out our service area. We participate in many civic and business organizations. 

Wilkerson has earned a solid reputation for delivering services that exceed our customer’s expectations.